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Pilgrimage places in Kerala

Sabarimala (in Pathanamthitta)
The Temple is located on a hill top known as Sannidhanam (Sacred Abode) surrounded by 7 major hill ranges and 7 minor ranges. Vehicles has to be parked at Nilakkal parking grounds and all pilgrims must trek 4.5 km pilgrim trail route to the Sannidhanam.

Guruvayoor – the Sree Krishna temple here is one of the most important pilgrimage centres in India

Sree Padmanabha Temple (Trivandrum):– is a popular sacred temple, located in the heart of the city.
The 2 Royal Arrattus and Navarathiri are main festivals of the temple and its worth to see the festivities.

Ettumanoor-Vaikom-Kaduthurthy Temple:- The Trio Temples located at Ettumanoor, Vaikom, Kaduthurthy temples (all located in same road with a distance of 20 to 30 Kms between each), located in Kottayam district, are popular Shiva temples.
Kodungallor Temple- Kodungallor in Thrissur District in NH 17, is a very famous Devi temple, that highlights the historical relations between Ancient Tamil Empires of Chera, Cholas and Pandyas.

Thiruvanchikulam Shiva Temple:– Near Kodungallor Temple. This is one of the most ancient Shiva temples of the country, believed to established during 4th BC by the Villuvar Chera Tribe, much before their accession as Chera Emperors.

Choothanikara Devi Temple:- 20 Kms from Kochi City, a very famous Devi Temple, believed to have 3 forms of the Goddess in 3 phases of day. Famous during Navarathiri time

Mannarasala – Nagaraja Temple located in Haripad near Alleppy. The most famous Snake temple in Kerala.

Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple:– 20 Kms from Alleppy, is a celebrated Krishna temple.

Lokanarkavu Temple– Perithalmana, Malapuram – very famous temple in Malabar side, having associated with famous Kerala Ballards (Vakkum Pattu), is associated with heroic deeds of Thacholi Family (A knight family during Feudal era).The goddess Durga here, is believed to sit in a War form, eagerly waiting to cry for battle. Numerous of myths and stories exist with the temple.

Thirunavaya Banks:– is a large river bank on shores of River Nila.

Sree Parassinikadu Muttappan Temple– Kannur, is an extremely unique temple to whole of India, where there is NO IDOL to worship, rather a Ritualistic art-form (Muttappan theyam) to worship. The temple is built in concept of Eternal Unity and Universal worship, do have many legends. The Muttappan is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva, in a Non-Brahmincal form, thus making it a general mass figure. Here regular performances of Theyyam is considered sacred and many unique customs are followed.

Kalady – birthplace of Sri Adi Sankara, pioneering Advaita philosopher and place with numerous ashrams and a big Sharada Devi temple.

Subrahmanya Swamy Temple This is the oldest and most important of all Subrahmanya temples in Kerala. One of the most prestigious centres of pilgrimage in South India. And an evidence of the excellence of Southern architecture. Subrahmanya Swamy temple is situated at haripad.

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